Terms & Conditions

Orders: All orders must be confirmed in writing either by signing and return faxing a G A Staging quote or posting or faxing an authourised purchase order.

Payment Terms: a. Cheques are made payable to 'G A Staging Pty Ltd'; (not 'GAS'). b, An ABN number must be supplied, otherwise the relevant tax laws will apply. c. All manufactures are strictly C.O.D. d. For approved customers a 30 day account can be extended. Failure to pay by the due date will result in discounts being withdrawn and an amended invoice being forwarded to the relevant party. e. All other customers will be extended a 7 day account except where the hirer is unknown to G A Staging. In this case the terms of hire are strictly C.O.D. 7 day account holders may be subject to the same withdrawal of discounts as outlined above where full payment isn't received by the due date of the account. The right to withdraw discounts from overdue accounts is at the absolute discretion of G A Staging. f. G A Staging reserves the right to charge a deposit on hire equipment. This deposit is fully refundable on completion of the hire period, return of equipment in satisfactory condition and payment of account. g. The customer is required to reimburse G A Staging for any and all statutory charges payable in connection to this hire contract. h. Prices may be subject to change without notice within the current financial year due to unforeseen circumstance.

Loss & or Damage: Loss and or damage of equipment shall be the responsibility of the hirer. Overdue returns are liable to be charged at the normal rate per week or part thereof.

Hire Period: The period of hire for equipment is 7 days and is deemed to start from the time the equipment is collected by the customer or delivered to the customer. Any extension of hire must be arranged prior to termination of the original hire agreement and will be charged for. G A Staging reserves the right to refuse extensions of hire at any time.

Delivery: The customer is required to pay to or reimburse G A Staging for any freight or delivery charges incurred in the delivery of equipment to the customer or return of equipment to the premises of G A Staging

Hours of Business: The normal hours of business of G A Staging are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Public holidays excluded. Other hours by prior arrangement.

NOTE: This price list is a guide and applies to short term hires only. Longer term hires are negotiable and quotes should be obtained. We continually manufacture new items for our hire stock. Please enquire or check on line at gastaging.com.au. for updates. The prices in this catalogue are valid until 30 December 2005.

email: gas@gastaging.com.au